on 06.29.2020

I grew up in a conservative evangelical home and ever since I left 20 years ago I have been spiritually apathetic because I couldn’t connect to God with all the dogma. It wasn’t until trying an entheogen to help relieve depression that my desire to connect to God again was awakened. I now use cannabis as a psychedelic and host weekly cannabis journeys in a ceremonial context to help people expand their minds and connect to their hearts. I don’t even know how I would begin to tell how profound these experiences have been and how much I have learned. I’ve experienced out of body cosmic experiences, dancing with a divine presence, having my eyes opened to everyday things like how I treat my wife and kid and opening my heart to feel more love and empathy for others. All of these experiences are like life lessons where you taste what it feels like to live from the soul and then you get to go practice them everyday outside of this medicine space. I’m happy to know we live in a time where people are expanding their minds and see life from a different perspective.

What Do You Think About Cannabis?