on 08.02.2019

My husband and I are pastors of a small church in Texas. We both have smoked cannabis from our younger teenage years. I used to be so ashamed of smoking pot and being a Christian and now a pastor. I talk to the Lord about it all the time, I guess to get reassurance that He still loves me and I try not to get on His good side with works. I guess I keep looking for His permission to use it. When I met my husband, which I believe the Lord brought us together as Kingdom partners, he smoked too. Now it’s a life-style in our home. I went from scriptures telling me to obey the laws of the land and not let anything master or have power over me except God to…He has given us every seed-bearing herb ànd that discretion will preserve me. I love Jesus and He has saved me but I can’t seem to get past thinking I am deceiving so many about my life-style, yet I know, as all things, it is between me and the Father.

What Do You Think About Cannabis?