Rob Driver
on 05.04.2019

I started quite late, not smoking tobacco until I was in my late teens and cannabis in my early 20s

There was mostly hashish around back then and found it amazing . . . warm, fuzzy, relaxing, hightening . I then met my wife-to-be in a Club in London in the 90s and then hit the chemicals ( ecstacy and speed mostly ) and ended up doing daily cocaine in the 00s just trying to stay awake working nights with two toddlers to care for when I got home . This is as far away and as close to God as you can get at the same time . Spangled yet praying constantly . . .

Cannabis was always the default drug as it calmed the hecticness of the chemicals . I've pretty much stopped the chemicals now ( happily divorced from the unfaithful mother of our children ), and I still drink too much alcohol ( was diagnosed Bipolar II Hypomanic early last year ) although am working on that . I have absolutely no issue with anyone using cannabis as a health remedy - I encourage it if someone is having a tough time as it has helped me through the toughest years of rejection, anxiety and depression, and it really helps with a neurological movement disorder ( myoclonus ) which means I twitch, jerk and have seizures from time-to-time . The cannabis prevents the stress which causes the seizures, which in my mind is God's medicine for my condition .

I wouldn't say it works for everyone, but for those with certain conditions I would definitely say it's a God-send . Go In Peace You Lovely Lot & God Bless You Always All Ways

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