on 04.26.2019

I was raised in a strict Nazarene household. While my faith has evolved over time my conviction that Christ is my Lord and Savior has remained consistent. I also smoked cannabis regularly between 2012 and 2017.

I first picked up the habit from my non-Christian circle of friends but very quickly saw connections between pot’s effect on my mind and God’s effect on my soul. In C.S. Lewis’s “The Screwtape Letters” there is a chapter which describes the present as the earthly time that is most like heaven’s eternity. Smoking cannabis caused me to become very aware and engaged with the present around me. It also opened my heart to be more empathetic; to reach out to people whose stories I did not know and ask how I can understand them better.

For my own professional and personal reasons I no longer consume cannabis but I understand and appreciate the value it can have in people’s spiritual lives. In one of his Epistles Paul cautions that you should not let something that is not a sin for you be a distraction for someone else for whom it is a sin. Jesus Himself says that you should not try to remove a speck of sawdust from someone else’s eye when there is a plank within your own. I think both of these concepts apply to Christians’ use of cannabis and their conversations about it.

I’m happy to see that conversations like that are happening here.

What Do You Think About Cannabis?