on 06.06.2019

Like many on here, being a Christian and going to church I was lead to believe that any form of cannabis was an evil drug. Even when it became legal it was just an excuse to get high in the eyes of the “church”. I feel this is sheer ignorance. I too was of the same belief until I educated myself. There are so many healthy uses for cannabis that I and my family have experienced first hand. My daughter got hit by a car 4 years ago and uses it for flare ups when she gets inflammation. My other daughter was in a head on collision years ago and has nerve damage in her legs. She has a difficult time sleeping because of it. I got her a product called Drift Away and she is doing great and now sleeps just fine.
I don’t feel like I need to justify using cannabis or THC products. If there are those that want to criticize and judge me, then so be it. I no longer let man made “church” rules dictate my life.
My view is that pharmaceuticals cause way more harm and are more addicting, yet because they are prescribed by a doctor, they have the “Godly” seal of approval.
I have many stories about meeting people and having experiences I would have never had if my nose was turned up to not being open to cannabis. I believe all were God inspired and without judgment from him. Open your heart and mind and He might just blow your mind.

What Do You Think About Cannabis?