Sarah - YEP!
on 05.04.2019

I was diagnosed with Schizophrenia at the age of sixteen and took man-made medication for fifteen years with minimal recovery. I did not socialize much, work, or attend school. I isolated myself from the outside world for sometimes weeks at a time. Two and a half years ago, a close friend suggested I try Cannabis after explaining how much it helps him with his Aspergers (Autism). There were many times we’d spend time together before and after he used Cannabis and I can’t tell you what a difference it made. I talked to my family and explained how Cannabis brings my friend to a calm frame of mind from outbursts of anger and self-hatred, and had my family ponder the fact that maybe God gave us this plant to help people with mental issues (though I have since learned it is good for physical ailments as well). It has now been two and a half years since I began using Cannabis in different forms (tincture, edible, smoking, vaping) and feel that my sanity has been restored to me. As a person with Schizophrenia, without Cannabis my mind is literally like a stormy sea, but when I have Cannabis constantly in my system (I use THC sometimes and CBD sometimes), my mind becomes a still lake–literally. My family says the difference in me is like night and day. We are devoted Christians and truly live our lives for Christ, read His word, study Apologetics, pray, etc. and totally see Cannabis as God’s gift to His creation to help with a number of ailments. Oh, how we pray that more people (especially those in the church) will give it a chance!! Thank you for tackling this controversial topic, Craig!!!! May God use it to bring widespread change in the church just like He has used you and XXXChurch to awaken people to the harms and destruction of pornography consumption.

What Do You Think About Cannabis?