Sasha Shelley
on 07.01.2019

Hi I just stumbled across you! I just watched several of your videos! I’m fascinated! Literally thank the lord I found you because I thought I was crazy! I smoke occassionaly

.. and literally only smoke it to talk and pray with god! It’s a whole other level of feeling the love of God! Some days.... I just have to smoke to be reminded of his love.... so when I get back down to this “shell”that is so ridden with fake ideals and sin, that Im reminded to have faith, and always stay on track and live and love like God. It’s so hard these days to stay on track, our purpose because of social media, really everything is a distraction from God. I’m sorry I’m rambling at this point! Just thank you so much! I will pray for your journey on this topic, I hope you can share and people will be open minded....
just an idea though; why not do a live stream while your “high”, have another preacher ask you questions, really dig in deep on scripture passages.... then at the end admit you were high, and see if others could even tell. While I’m “high”, I feel so spiritually moved and some scriptures just spark such amazing conversations! Just an idea though! May God guide you on your journey and people open their minds and hearts to Jesus! God bless!!

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