Shawn Boomer
on 05.18.2020

I have wrestled with cannabis use my entire life. As a teenager growing up in a traumatising family situation, where drug use, alcoholism and emotional abuse were common practice, I abused cannabis. My older sisters boyfriend gave it to me at 13 and i looked up to her and him because they were the cool kids. I suffered with a learning disability and major social anxieties as a kid and cannabis was my self medicating tool. My friends just wanted to get high but for i felt more like “myself” more normal than when i was “sober” if i should even use that term. While i was too young to explore the use of this sacred plant at my young age, as my brain wasn’t developed and i had no real life coping skills, I knew that it had great potential in my life. Now as an adult (37), and a born again believer at 28…I have gone back and forth with my feelings on it. Ultimately i have always felt that God had a purpose for this plant for his children. I could not agree more Craig ….that it’s always a question of the heart. If cannabis causes you to sin and lead a wreckless lifestyle…then maybe its not for you. If you use it to enrich your relationship with God, your family, community, and your overall health….well then maybe that was it’s true intention afterall. Thank you so so much for creating this ministry and website as it is time that the Church wakes up to the world around us. I believe we feel guilty that God would not “want” us to “feel good” on a substance in order to be with him. But if our heavenly father loves us as much as the bible says he does…..would he not want to enrich and bless us beyond our understanding? I believe he has this and so so so much more in store for those hearts and minds who are willing to open up. Blessings to you and your lovely wife and family.

What Do You Think About Cannabis?