on 04.27.2019

Thank you Chris for being honest and transparent.
Being a Canadian, where cannabis is legal, I have heard all the arguments in favor of its legalization for medical and recreational use.
Medical use of Cannabis has helped you in your life, and I will not take that away from you, but there is another side of this story that is not being told.
I stood at the bedside of a friend who was dying and the doctors did not know why; until they discovered that he was using cannabis daily for pain! I was with him during this discussion and the remedy was to stop using cannabis.
Cannabis is being promoted as a miracle cure by many advocates of its use. These promotions, like your are subjective and ignore the potential risks. Canada has rushed into cannabis legalization and now the alarm bells are sounding about the medical risk factors, rise of crime and the use of other more harmful drugs.
As Christians we should not be promoting recreational drug use any more than we should be promoting the use of porn as an escape from the pressures and problems of life.

What Do You Think About Cannabis?