Craig Gross Has Just Launched a New Cannabis Category "Spiritual"

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Why Spiritual?

Conversations around the medicinal and recreational uses of cannabis are abundant. However, it saddens us that in our modern culture, the use of cannabis is only being viewed through those two contexts.

However, because of the way cannabis was outlawed in the 1930s, and then propagated as “the gateway drug” in the 1960’s and ‘70s, we have a lot of cultural conditioning to undo in an attempt to help people see cannabis for the amazing gift that it is, and the profound spiritual potential it has.

Since the beginning of documented time, cannabis has been used in spiritual practices and traditions amongst people groups and religions from all over the globe.

We are so grateful to have experienced this potential of cannabis, and time and time again, we have witnessed the way it can transform lives when used as a tool or in support of spiritual practices like prayer, meditation, worship, dancing and writing.

We believe it is our responsibility and a great honor to share with others the fantastic potential of plant medicine. We believe that cannabis is spiritual and we can show you how.

Cannabis is amazing for physical health, mental and emotional balance, and fun.

It’s also an incredible way to connect to yourself and God.

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