on 05.06.2019

I too am a follower of Christ & had a very serious accident as a child that left me with several medical issues which causes back & neck pain, and the worst, migraines

For the past 6, years I have been a medical Cannabis user & it has been the only medicine that has completely killed a migraine & usually with only one 'hit'. In the past, I've been prescribed many pain Meds to stop the pain, including Demerol & Oxycontin, which I hated to use because of side effects & they didn't stop my headaches anyway, but they did take the 'edge' off. Cannabis has replaced these totally.

My problem is that God doesn't mention Cannabis, but does mention alcohol, & we are told to use it sparingly & not be a drunk, right? You can have one drink & not be 'drunk', but relaxed. This isn't possible with Cannabis. One hit & you are 'stoned' or there is no relief; there is no middle ground.

Where can I find any Bible passage that permits its use? I am not looking for opinions but concrete verification that it is permissible to use without sin. I hate the prospect of not having it for pain but my desire to obey God is my primary desire & am willing to 'try' to abstain if I can't confirm that He considers it acceptable. That said, I absolutely believe that God created everything that exists & He did say that everything He created was 'good' but all creation was corrupted after our fall from grace. Did this affect Cannabis making it prohibited now?

What Do You Think About Cannabis?