on 06.22.2019

I am diagnosed with Bipolar Type I and ADHD. I made the decision to go a more natural route after being on pharmaceuticals for the past 10 years. I am still taking a mood stabilizer, but have replaced one of my other meds with Cannabis. My life was absolute chaos and I had substance use issues (mainly alcohol) years back, but my life changed 10 years ago. I am a worship leader and have been a social worker for the past 12 years. 6 out of 6 of my family members at one point or currently were diagnosed with mental health diagnoses. I am working on my second Masters degree and am constantly fighting for social justice and am clawing and questioning my way through my faith daily. All of this to say that through adversity and through these real conversations, we can finally open up about these “taboo” church subjects. I’m super pumped that you guys are doing this. It’s wild to me that people would rather me stay on strong amphetamines because a doctor wrote the prescription as opposed to using a more natural alternative. This is also coming from a dude that went strictly sober for these past 10 years. People need to do their research and have these conversations. For people with Mental Health diagnoses that have been struggling about potentially using cannabis as a Christian, check out info on micro-dosing cannabis. Huge shout out to you guys for opening this conversation. It needs to happen now.

What Do You Think About Cannabis?