a random child of God, yes I am
on 11.18.2022

Genesis 1:12 & 29-31

God made us in His image with an endocannibinoid system that creates and processes cannibinoids. Everyone has an endocannibinoid system, everybody makes and processes cannibinoids all day long. God doesn’t make mistakes folks.

I live in the emerald (quad)rangle and have met a lot of older growers with dusty bibles and when i’ve asked why they don’t go to church they say they aren’t welcome.

I am a 5 year cancer survivor and was church hurt and punted out of an evangelical church 9 months after baptism (4 years after being filled with the spirit)( by well meaning people who were uneducated, not by elders or pastors) the last month i was serving before 3 surgeries and i wasn’t even using green medicine. i never want to walk into a church again. i tried to go to bible study one day and just didn’t feel safe and i don’t feel i should wear the armor of God into church. as i said i was not utilizing any green medicine and was basically told “noJesusforyou.” my Jesus made sure i had done identity and promise work before this happened so i’m good in the mind about it but God is putting it on my heart to start this conversation which is how i found you.

in them thar hills there are men who fought in vietnam and came home with ptsd and their legal grow helps them cope with reality after what the war did to them. Jesus is for him too. There is a mother with a child who needs a mustard seeds worth of thc to activate her primarily cbd treatment. they are weed refugees from a state where thc is illegal. her husband stayed there to work and strayed. their divorce is pending. Jesus is for them too. There are so many men who have been unalterably changed by what the weed war did to their lives, and all along it was anti hemp fiber lobbyists (cotton? dupont?) i don’t remember but that’s the chemo brain not the cbd….but it was anti hemp lobbyists who pushed cannabis to be prohibited, all the while the federal government still to this day holds the patent to the medical use of marijuana. if there’s medical merit, why is it scheduled as a drug with no medical merit?

Cannabis is a human rights issue with so many lives and families broken over corporate greed. id be very surprised if it went nationally legal before pfizer or bayer has figured out the science for various pills while spewing reefer madness misinformation in the media about using the real thing. If Jesus came right now he would flip a few tables i think on this issue. is it a sunday at bethesda? do we allow people to supplement their endocannibinoid system that God gave them with a green plant He gave them for food instead of being strung out on opioids? my rule for all surgeries is to stop taking those 2 days after getting home and ive done it… even for my major surgeries, thanks to a 50:1 cbd oil, microdosed 25 ml a day. the only thing i feel is a little relaxed because cbd is not psychoactive… you don’t get high. with 50 parts cbd and 1 part thc to activate the cbd. it’s best to get your endocannibinoid system balanced by microdosing every day instead of taking it haphazardly because once you’re balanced it’s up to you to break the streak or not. if you do…just go back to everyday when you can and you will rebalance it. in my case, the cbd blocked the receptor for one of the things that was feeding the very fast growing cancer, giving me time to get chemo radiation and immunotherapy done without recurrence. I’ve put so many chemicals through my system and the least of my worries is the organic cbd
oil that Abba Father provided me with.

Thank you Father for having a place for me at Your table and a purpose for me while i’m here…as i know that when You sent the Holy Spirit through me, 4 days after my diagnosis and told me I wasn’t done here yet, and in the million miracles that have followed in the last 5 years, especially the heart miracle stunt you pulled that the doctor had no way of explaining, You have healed me, saved me, taught me, blessed me, loved me, protected me, and have been my only and everything. my Jesus, thank you for wearing Your work boots with me. in Your holy name, my life that you gave me and extended, pledged to Your Kingdom, my love to Your merciful heart. Amen

I’ll be back in touch…finding this as God was putting it on my heart to start a conversation about this is… God.

What Do You Think About Cannabis?