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When approaching a topic as controversial as this is bound to be, we believe that it is important to clearly define our convictions. While we’ve come across many faithful Christians with varying perspectives on both medical and recreational marijuana usage – respectively ranging from Hard “Nos” to Free Yesses – we are determined not to pen argumentative essays heavily bent in one direction or the other.

That said, while we do believe that certain allowances are warranted, here are a few base convictions from which we seek to function:

  1. While we hope that our faith informs our lives and work in beneficial ways, any products recommended or suggestions made here come from errant humans, and not our perfect God.
  2. Much of the conversation – “Christian” or otherwise – surrounding cannabis has been unfairly concocted, stigmatized and controlled by persons and power structures more concerned with profit (and often steeped in racism) than with anything that would legitimately substantiate the plant’s classification as a Schedule 1 Drug on par with the opioids with which it is currently associated.
  3. Despite recent and increasingly popular narratives that seek to paint cannabis in a healthier, life-giving and beneficial light, it is also possible that it definitely isn’t for you. Stereotypes exist for a reason, and the potentiality for abuse and/or harmful side effects is real.
  4. “Some People Who Are Christians That Have Found Cannabis To Be Helpful” is not the same as a “One-Size-Fits-All Pass.” While Scripture does not forbid the use of responsible cannabis consumption (of which, a myriad of options exist), neither does it condone it. In fact, Scripture says nothing about it at all. Christian ethics would demand informed and responsible use when approaching any potentially mind-altering substance (similarly, for instance, to the way we would discuss alcohol)..

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