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Alright, first things first: Christian Cannabis doesn’t exist.

Just like Christian tractors don’t exist.

But Christians exist.

And so do to tractors, music, movies and cannabis.

It has been said that the word “Christian” is a wonderful noun, and a horrible adjective.

So why build out a website – let alone an entire content-hub and product line – that, at first glance, might seem to treat something sacred with all the flippancy of a snake-oil salesman?

The short answer?

To garner interest. Any time you join two, perceivably opposing words like “Christian” and “cannabis,” you’re bound to furrow some eyebrows. And we believe there are a lot of eyebrows that need furrowing regarding a topic of conversation that is simply not being had amongst believers in the midst of huge, cultural and legislative shifts that are happening right now.

The long answer?

To garner interest in an important and – with the widespread rise of marijuana legalization throughout the world – growing (no pun intended) conversation that isn’t being had amongst believers who are both seeking to be faithful to the word of God and interested in what, exactly, this whole “weed thing” is all about.

Is it medically viable?

Is it recreationally permissible?

Is this plant beneficial for anyone (and here – specifically – for those of us who proclaim Jesus as Lord)?

Quite simply, we believe that when it comes to cannabis, Christians have more options than prohibitionist stances within our worldview have generally allowed for.

By and large, the popular consensus among followers of The Way has been outright condemnation – if not blatant demonization – of this oft-controversial plant. While it is our sincere goal to err on the side of caution, we believe this hard-draw line in the sand to be every bit as unhelpful as its “God said that all plants are good, bro!” opposite.

This is a conversation.

As such, we hope that this will grow to be a trustworthy resource where you’ll be able to hear a vast array of perspectives regarding the many uses the cannabis plant offers and come to your own, well-informed – responsible – conclusions.

That said, if you’re looking for a biblical permission slip, OR, a specific, scriptural condemnation, neither clearly exists, thus, we won’t be providing them for you.

As of today, very few resources exist for Christians considering marijuana – whether in theory or action – save a few blogs that, understandably so, err on the side of conservatism, but rarely explore the nuances of cannabis consumption. As folks who wish that we would have had something similar to this when we were working through our own convictions regarding this increasingly-available option, we hope that this might be a place where anyone can come to better understand not just the dilemma Christians face, but also the choices that might be available to them in a post-temperance era.

May God continue to be the rock beneath the shifting sand on which we stand.

What Do You Think About Cannabis?

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