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Craig Gross Has Just Launched a New Cannabis Category “Spiritual”

We need to expand our ways we look at cannabis beyond Recreational and Medical and start talking about “Spiritual”

Former Pastor and Maverick, Craig Gross announced on 4/20 during Coachella this year his start of a new chapter for cannabis. Today he will be the first to create a much needed category in cannabis called “Spiritual” which welcomes any and all seekers who desire a more meaningful connection with cannabis. Gross also welcomes brands whose brand identities and ethos align with spirituality, the devine and inner exploration.

Gross first turned heads in early 2002 by starting the XXXChurch with his “Jesus loves Porn stars” mission that dominated the headlines. The former Pastor is now on a more personal mission to drive the Spiritual conversation around plant-based medicines. Gross’ new passion is dedicated to leading a spiritual revolution which incorporates cannabis and spirituality and will be unveiled at MJ Biz Con, Dec 11 -13. Attendees are invited to come to the Cannabis is Spiritual booth, participate in a 15 minute guided meditation with headphones, receive a “Cannabis is Spiritual Track” and be encouraged to find a closer connection to God. Gross’ mission is to break down the unfair stigmas of cannabis and invite all to join his 2020 spiritual revolution.

Why under the Spiritual Category?

Conversation around the medicinal and recreational use of cannabis are abundant. However, our modern culture’s use of cannabis is only being viewed through those two contexts.

Since the beginning of documented time, cannabis has been used in spiritual practices and traditions amongst people/religious groups from all over the globe.

Our experience witnessing cannabis time and time again transforming lives when used as a tool of support in spiritual practices has been a blessing. Prayer, meditation, worship, dancing and writing are some of samplings of what it can be used for.

While we have great respect for the teachings of the church, through experience of our own and many other friends that have also had profound spiritual experiences with the aid of cannabis, we stand firmly that the condition on the heart is King as far as discerning if cannabis consumption is “right” or “wrong.”

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