on 04.27.2019

Thank you, Craig, for creating the platform for the church to have an open dialog around this controversial topic. I believe that the church needs to be leading rather than following what the culture thinks is best. I also think that Christians need to be able to give reasons why they are for or against cannabis. It is interesting how there are scary labels placed on cannabis while we don’t think twice about taking other medications to help us. Who decides what drugs or remedies are ok for Christians to use or not use? Why is it ok for a Christian to drink coffee for energy but nothing for relaxing? That is a scary question for me to consider as a Pastor of a church. I believe the question is, am I becoming dependant upon this instead of God? Am I using this to make me feel better about me? Is this drug keeping me from facing deep-rooted issues that God is trying to bring to the surface so that I release them to Him once and for all? With that said, recreational use is dangerous. However, I don’t see why we shouldn’t consider cannabis as a drug for legitimate medical reasons.

What Do You Think About Cannabis?