on 04.30.2019

So here it goes as I write this I have complete goosebumps

.. I was raised southern Baptist real holy roller stuff... Talking n tongues having serpents wrapped round their necks.. I went back and fourth over the next 20 years trying different Denominations as to only be told or judged by each denomination... I have used cannabis since a younger age then 1 should yet even then I knew what it did for my mental disorders I grew older decided to try other substances I was a recovering alcoholic by time I was 16 so anyways as it goes I got addicted to cocaine for 6 years and never knew how to deal with the lost of my grandma which was like a mother to me over this time period of cocaine addiction I tried many substances to help me step away from cocaine the first thing I started was reconnecting with our father the creator and maker of all which is us over this time frame I always had a deeper connection with Our king when I would use mmj long story short mmj and Jesus Christ saved my life it allowed a strong put junkie like me to put down all substances thru this magnificent plant that flowers and produces buds of healing... I dislike when ppl call it weed a weed is something u throw away not a beautiful plant like marijuana Thank you lord jesus christ for allowing this amazing healing n a plant I could go deeper into this testimony yet I'll save that for a future day

What Do You Think About Cannabis?