on 04.25.2019

I LOVE THIS! I’ve wanted to come out but the judgments of others and consequences when I have reveled this part of myself have kept me silent

Christians can’t seem to accept that you can have an intimate, holy, pure relationship with God... and smoke pot.

Cannabis is something God has used to break down religious judgment in my own life, free me from anxiety, help heal my soul and body and silence the monkey y chatter in my mind making it easier to hear from Him and connect with Him at a heart level!

Anything can become an idol; our prescription drugs can have more of our reliance and dedication that God... even our religion can become an idol. But I do believe with my whole heart and experience that this is a beautiful plant God included in His creation for us to benefit from. To Him be all the glory and honor!

It’s about time a bold Christian Leader comes out and speaks about this, leading the way for others to live in true freedom.

I loved your work back when you started XXXChurch... and I’m SO thrilled to be a part of this conversation as well!

Bless you in this new adventure and may Gods favor, grace and peace guide and cover you and your family as you pursue His heart for His bride; authenticity and freedom. Pure and Holy is a posture of the heart... being sober in spirit can be maintained even after a couple glasses of wine or puffs of cannabis! Christians can love God and be fully surrendered to Him and smoke pot!

Thanks for being a fearless and courageous bold leader!

What Do You Think About Cannabis?