on 05.09.2019

Cannabis is immoral because it is illegal? That is the question I have been asking of myself for a while. Why else would it be immoral? So as followers of Jesus, our guideline for our morals is the government? Yeah, that makes a lot of sense… NOT!

Bad for personal use, but okay if you have cancer? So now illness and disease are the standard for our morals. Again… that makes a lot of sense… NOT!

I have been convinced for a long time that because nicotine and alcohol are legal and used among “Christians” on a regular basis, that there is no reason for cannabis to remain a banned substance or a shamed substance. I say this because I have lost beloved family members to nicotine (lung cancer) and alcohol (vehicle accident), but no one in my family has died due to marijuana use.

The other comment for me is taxes. I often said that when the government figured out a way to tax marijuana, then it would become legal. So the government isn’t into morals, but it is into making money.

My question to other Jesus People…

Why are you so scared of having a conversation, just because you don’t agree with it? We need to talk about it, not bury our head in the sand or in the church pew.

I want to thank Craig for opening up a conversation and encouraging others to do so. Thank you for taking this on, because I know so many are still scared to do just that.

What Do You Think About Cannabis?