on 07.16.2019

I began using cannabis when I was 18 years old (I’m now 22). I had been depressed for 3 years and finally felt the feeling of happiness in the longest time once I first felt the effects of marijuana. I got a medical card and I used cannabis very responsibly at first. Then when I turned 19 I started over using cannabis to the point where I was high 24/7. I smoked at least an ounce a week and became really irresponsible and would always drive high smoking blunts on the freeway or smoking on deliveries at my job. Joint after blunt after bong rip after dab it became an emotional crutch for me at that point bc I loved it. I only wanted to smoke. I got into a car accident rolling a joint and my ounce in an open jar spewed all over my car. God sent me an angel that day because long story short I walked away with no penalty. I stopped smoking for two weeks, lowered my usage, and things went on as normal. Lately I’ve felt like I have used it as an emotional crutch again and God asked me to stop. I prayed about it a lot because honestly I love weed and I’ve smoked every day for at least three years. I don’t think cannabis is bad or good. I think it’s a tool. There’s always a reason or a season for something. Cannabis helped me learn how to choose to be happy when I’m sober. It helped see the beauty in life. It also made my bond deeper with God. It helped me know more about myself. It also made my mother very upset, my father disappointed and a lot of people who don’t understand and look at me like I shoot up drugs (no shame to anyone who does that btw). Christians aren’t here to judge. Christ is. Sometimes I honestly still question if it’s okay or not but the only thing that has the power to say that is God the creator of it all.

What Do You Think About Cannabis?