on 08.02.2019

Not sure where to begin – I grew up as a pastors kid – gay – with anxiety for this very reason. As a Christian, the concept of not being welcomed by the overall Christian body has made me feel convicted and depressed for simply being who I am. The anxiety grew and I tried Cannabis for the first time right out of high school and have been a user since for the last seven years. I am still in the process of fully coming out but God and Cannabis have helped me heal after suffering from anxiety over the years to now finally starting to feel confident who I am. Cannabis has helped me greater understand my purpose, opened up my mind to God, and ultimately has helped me cope with anxieties faced from social pressures created by the Church in which often the body condemns certain others quote on quote sins more-so then others when yet, God declared, for all have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God. Therefore, do not cast the first stone, be a welcoming body to all sinners, and help share stories of healing so future generations do not have to suffer from an anxiety culture.

What Do You Think About Cannabis?