on 10.07.2019

I only became a christian about 18 months ago

4 years ago I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, about 10 months after the birth of my child. Her birth made all my childhood abuse trauma resurface and I had to tell the truth to my family to keep my baby safe. The result was a full blown manic psychosis that had me hospitalized for 3 weeks. I have been using cannabis on and off for about 10 years.

Thank God for my supportive partner who advocated for me and cared for myself and our child while I couldn't.

Cannabis has kept me off the more hardcore antipsychotic meds. What people don't realize about all these pharmaceutical drugs is they reduce life expectancy of someone with mental health issues more than someone who smokes cigarettes for there whole life! The drugs doctors prescribe are hardcore stuff, but most christians won't bat an eyelid at it. Cannabis on the other hand...

Since becoming a Christian I became confused about my cannabis usage. I have prayed so much seeking Gods will. Honestly I was abusing it. I was addicted to the tobacco I mixed in to it and was smoking all day everyday.

After months and months of prayer god made me realize I needed to quit the tobacco. So I cut tobacco out entirely, I now vape only green. Since cutting tobacco I have found I only need to have one to two vapes a night!

People say cannabis is addictive. I completely disagree. I can and have gone without when I don't need it. If I'm feeling particularly on edge it helps calm me in a way nothing else can.

It helps me sleep when I'm struggling, it lifts me up when I'm down. It regulates my autoimmune system and keeps me nice and normal, as opposed to the awful mania or depression.

With God in my life, and cannabis as my medication, nobody can tell the issues I have struggled with. Most people I have become friends with through church don't even know I have bipolar, and certainly don't know I use cannabis. Too much stigma. When it goes legal I will feel free to speak up.

I have been healthy and episode free for 3.5 years. And now completely guilt- free as god opened my eyes and showed me that it was ok to use it as my medication, but I needed to stop abusing. And he gave me the strength to do that.

Thank you Jesus and thanks for creating christian cannabis!

What Do You Think About Cannabis?