on 11.18.2019

I really love Jesus. He has transformed so many areas in my life. I feel conflicted about cannabis use because I wonder if it is somehow not God’s best for me? I’ve been vaping or ingesting small amounts of cannabis for around 2 years now. I have three kids, own a business with my wife, and have had a lot of anxiety creeping up in different times that results in me being short with my kids and less than the man I want to be. I spend time in prayer often, reading the Bible, worshipping etc. but still use cannabis several times a week. When I take it, it helps me to feel more present, less overwhelmed, and like I am able to enjoy being in the moment more easily. I would like this to be my norm without any chemical help, but it unfortunately hasn’t been. My conflict is around if it is just an addiction I am forming or if it is actually beneficial. I haven’t sensed a lot of conviction around doing it from God, but I do fear the social stigma of certain Christian friends. Overall, my relationship with cannabis feels complicated, but I am grateful for how it has helped me to be more present with those closest to me, and less irritable and anxious.

What Do You Think About Cannabis?