on 02.11.2020

Wow! I am grateful I happened upon this site while searching for "Charters for Self Supported unincorporated ministries" for a Christian based on the ground ministry my wife and I have committed to

I have been a consumer of cannabis over 40 years with a few tumultuous breaks. Note; I missed the insight of the experience while on break with no real insights/ revelations. I had no idea how extraordinarily beneficial the plant was, however, used its synergistic play on my body/mind for exercise, outdoor play, climbing, hiking, mountain biking, just enjoying nature, waterfalls, flora, fauna. Mind you VERY DESCREETLY as the taboo lay palpable and being "labeled" as a pot head, stoner, drug addict, criminal etc. was, well too much for me to be open about the use. Since the early transition, ie; legalization in Colorado, I have relaxed and been more open with others and have looked over a lifetime of use and the benefits and drawbacks the plant has been a part of. I consider myself a moderate, most every day usually with some free form high intensity interval movement. ( I was in organized sports in school) and close to my graduation from High School I was an enthusiastic cannabis user. I raised a family, remained married over 40 years, attended church and still do despite the dogma. We have a church family... I just remain discreet. There is scripture that points to discretion lest you cause another to stumble. When it comes to cannabis I believe the illegitimate stigma has caused much pain and suffering. For me, to question my own "wholeness" for being a user. Not any more. Definitely good for me to continue to move forward into "Kingdom living" doing the work the Lord has fashioned us for... Loving Him and our neighbor. Time for a hit. lol! here is a last note; last year Feb. I started dancing "Popping" I'll be 60 this spring. I was inspired by my son who is quite well known in the Popping community and has made dance his career. I never danced before nor have I taken any formal instruction. I have been sessioning for an hour or so each evening, great workout, and will break out around my birthday. I will keep this community posted as to the result of this cannabis related endeavor. Give honor and praise to the Lord of Hosts. Halelu-Yah!!!

What Do You Think About Cannabis?