Arthur Bick
on 08.02.2019

You are not alone. I graduated from Brooklyn College in 1966 and moved to San Francisco. The next day I was flat on my back in a park staring up at the clouds stoned on LSD. Just as suddenly I had become part of the “hippie movement.” My first marijuana trip in Brooklyn had taken me out of one reality and launched me into the realm of amazing possibilities. LSD and marijuana in San Francisco became “my god” opening my eyes to a selflessness that I had never known before. I came to trust “my brothers” with a love unheard of growing up in Brooklyn. (The stereotypes about the impersonality of New Yorkers, are, unfortunately, mostly true.)

It was seven years later that I finally responded to the inner voice of the Holy Spirit and decided to trust the Lord with my life. I felt clean of all my sins – washed as if I had never been washed before (no hippie jokes please 🙂

I had a thirst for Jesus and his word – I read the Bible from cover to cover three times in four months using a Thompson KJV Chain Reference Bible. People were talking about other versions so I started studying Hebrew and Greek to find out how accurate my version really was. My wife and I drove up and down Route 1 from Big Sur to LA and to SF in our 1951 Dodge pickup – scooping up hitchhikers and telling them about our wonderful Savior.

In short, we along with so many others, became “Jesus freaks.” So our God moved in mighty and unexpected ways – transforming and restoring lives, as He loves to do.

But it was seven years later when another miracle happened that was to move me spiritually to another dimension. I was on my way to work (yes, the first thing He had taught me as a baby Christian was that I had a responsibility to provide for my wife and daughter.) My prayer life and bible study were in a rut. That morning, going around Dead Man’s curve in a pouring rain in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, the wheels of my jeep got in a rut as I swerved to the right to avoid the vehicle coming over on my side of the road. I jerked the car back to the left toward oncoming traffic, then back to the right. I blacked out as my head struck the windshield. I was thrown out of the car and woke up under the jeep on my belly. I had suffered a compression fracture of lumbar 5, a broken leg and multiple bruises.

I had been at my new job just long enough to qualify for full pay as I recouperated at home after 21 days in the hospital. I had memorized the Hebrew text in Isaiah made famous by Handel’s Messiah: “Wonderful, Counseller, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.” My arms were raised above me as I lay in bed and I was saying those Hebrew words, praising God when I began to speak in tongues. An indescribable ecstasy engulfed me that lasted several minutes…I DID NOT want that experience to end!

But it did. Then some days later, I spoke in tongues again and felt that wonderful joy. I didn’t know it at the time, but now I could speak in tongues whenever I wanted and feel that closeness to my God that I longed for.

At 28 years old in San Francisco my faith was that of an Evangelical, Fundamentalist Christian. Now at 35 I began a two decade journey as a tongue talking, Acts chapter 2 believer, going to Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn and Kenneth Hagan crusades.

But my spiritual journey was just beginning – there was another dimension to His love that would lead me to seek out the Holy of Holies – the Shekinah glory that was beyond the veil that was torn in two as He gave His life on the cross.

I believe the teachers I have had were put where they are by the Lord. Their ministry may be to lead sinners to a saving grace through evangelism. He may give others the ministry of teaching about the power of the Holy Spirit. Each teacher often stays where they are – and God leads people to them to learn from them. But each of us is on a never-ending journey into a revelation of the depths and heights of His love.

As for you, my brother and sister, enjoy the trip and never doubt His plans – for it is only Good Things that He has in store for you. And thank you for providing me the opportunity to share my faith with you.

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