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A Sister Company Has Arrived

15 Jun 2019

After the launch of Christian Cannabis on April 20th, we have received an incredible response from people from all around the world. Along with the praise and thanks and “it’s about time” type emails we have received many emails from people who are interested in CBD but not THC. We totally get that as many states still have legal restrictions on THC related products.

We are proud to announce that a sister company has been started called Christian CBD. We will be selling a range of CBD products on by the fall and if you are interested in learning more about that company please head over to the website. Stay tune for lots more!


P.S – The CBD products have been tested by The Colorado Department of Agriculture. Our CBD tests below 0.3% of THC as tested by the Colorado Department of Agriculture. Our CBD products are free of synthetics and entirely pure. We are an eco-conscious company and we choose sustainable practices whenever possible from soil to bottle. Made from CBD rich hemp grown in CO and Christian CBD is proud to be Vegan, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, and Organic.