on 04.24.2019

Unfortunately I don't have a story


I know right? I mean, should I even be allowed to discuss this topic? I have never smoked weed, never drank alcohol. Waited to have sex before I was married.

I guess I don't know what real pain is right?

Well, maybe I do. Maybe my story just isn't the same as yours, and from what I have read and seen so far on the site, it looks like a lot of you are about to disagree with me. But I'm cool with that, hope you are too.

I hope that you are all going to be very careful about this, and what is happening here. As a youth pastor, who works with minors, where it is illegal for them to use marijuana, you are paving a path for them, that tells them that it is only wrong for them to smoke because of their age. You are putting it in the category of sneaking into a Rated R movie. That, in fact, this is something from God that will help them, so this age restriction thing isn't even right, why would God want them to have anxiety and depression, and from what I seem to be reading, that they would have less of an "experience with God".

Be careful, because once you are the reason a young person compromises their morals with Christ, by looking to church leadership that's telling them its ok, and even helpful. To the point that you would even sell products, and promote it at Coachella, be careful. Not because of me, because honestly, I probably won't ever be famous or powerful enough for you to notice me. But if you are wrong, if somehow theologically, you are not in the Gods will...I just wouldn't want that on my conscience.

Would you?

What Do You Think About Cannabis?