on 10.09.2020

I have done much research into the rights and wrongs of using cannabis. I think it comes down to ones ‘intention’. My spouse has dealt with depression as long as I’ve known him. It’s robbed us of more than half of our 43 years together. In the past 6 months he has cautiously been taking small amounts of weed in different forms. The oil blend was a low equal blend of thc/cbd and were helpful in bringing his mood out of a dark introspective place and later tried a puff (and that’s all it took) which was powerful enough to lift his mood all day long. He doesn’t get bombed, those days are over, and he has no desire to go back to the “stoner” days. He needs a mild pick me up and is afraid to go to a pharmaceutical anti-depressant because of all the side effects, known and unknown. He does deal with a sense shame and guilt in using cannabis because, as all Christendom knows, we should trust God for our help and healing. We are fallen creatures. We do not yet have our glorified bodies, and we live in these broken bodies that are sometimes painful, and even though we have the infilling of His Holy Spirit, we can still be humbled by our brokenness. I look at it like this: If your eyes are bad, and you don’t have 20/20 vision, you can go get a prescription and get glasses to make your vision perfect. Is it “anti-Christ” to wear glasses? What about if you have a heart disease and you need to take a blood thinner or whatever they prescribe to help you live a normal life? Would that be wrong to take what the doctor prescribed to help with your bodily imperfections? Why should it be considered any different when it comes to mental issues? I know. It’s still so misunderstood. That part of the human body where memories and emotions and imagination lay, and will, and intention, and communion, and affection and desire, and all renewed by the washing of the Word.
So why do we need to use a substance to enhance our depressed mood to a higher happy mood. I’m thinking if the depressed state is debilitating and frequent and robbing you of your ‘abundant life’, and I’m thinking now how Paul suggested to Timothy to drink a bit of wine to aid him in his frequent ailments. Also I am thinking about how one man’s faith allows him to eat anything while another person, whose faith is weak, eats only vegetables, and yet both give thanks to God. Also, in Corinthians, it says ” So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. Do not cause anyone to stumble, whether Jews, Greeks or the church of God— even as I try to please everyone in every way. For I am not seeking my own good but the good of many, so that they may be saved.” It may be wise to keep it to yourself, or, as in my husbands case, he shared with two brothers, both responded with “I will pray for you”. Although, it is not recreational use, it is very moderate use, it does make a positive difference in his mood. He would no doubt feel more justified if he had a doctor’s prescription, rather than self diagnosing. But at this point in our lives, it’s as though if relief can come by way of a drop of oil under the tongue or a puff off a joint, or a sour candy infused with THC, then why go through the awful steps of trying to get the right anti-depressant medication, the right dosage, some of which are addictive and can be a horror show. We do have two Christian friends who use it to sleep, so we felt comfortable sharing with them his use, and they are supportive of his decision because they know all too well about his depression. We however will never shout it from the housetops or be cannabis advocates because it would certainly offend some others. I came to this site to see what others are saying. And I think many really are dealing with the same issue. Here’s what gets me though; less than 5 minutes ago I took an ibuprofen for pain in my body. That is just so acceptable, so normal.

What Do You Think About Cannabis?