on 05.03.2019

Marijuana is not the answer

Recreational drugs like THC or ecstasy have no part in the Christian life. All they do is serve to cloud our minds and spirits to the fruitful life of following Christ. For the less experienced Christian they could become a crutch to just get through life; an addiction. This is not what Christ wants for us. He wants us to experience life to the fullest, doing it his way.

I realize that cannabis is now legal in California and interest has exploded. This fact makes me feel sad that so many people out there need drugs to survive. Powerful, mind-altering drugs with side effects that are looked upon dubiously by the established medical community. I would never attend a church where the pastor needs a couple drinks every day to survive. The same with weed.

Pastor reexamine your life. Seek advice and help from your elders. If you need weed to make it through your day, something is wrong.

Also, the argument about Jesus turning water to wine needs an explanation.

Yes, wine has alcohol in it and yes Jesus did drink alcohol. In his time it was an essential daily beverage because it was safe to drink, unlike well water which was often tainted. The alcohol content killed microorganisms that lead to disease. Jesus knew this and yet was perfect and never got drunk which is possible with alcohol.

Weed is a different story. THC is marketed as a therapeutic to cover its recreational use. The same could be said for alcohol. But a little is never enough and the good feelings wear off over time, requiring a higher dose to feel good. Ask any alcoholic.

"Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect." Jesus - Matthew 5:48

What Do You Think About Cannabis?