Daniel G
on 07.24.2019

Like any mind-altering substance, the biblical morality of it will depend on the time and place, i.e. the context, in which it is used. If something is received with thankfulness and a clear conscience after consulting with the Spirit, I think that is a defensible use of the substance. It is up to the individual believer to be accountable to their conscious which is influenced by the Spirit for its continued use. “Everything is permissible” is always counterbalanced with “but not everything is beneficial”, and further, “but I will not be mastered by anything”. After growing up fairly conservative when it came to this subject, being told “no” with no justification gets tiring. Also tiresome are the pleas of the more liberal types who want to make their own gospel of using things they like to other people who may not want to use them. The balanced view seems to be that if there is a want or need to use Marijuana, pray about it, be honest about the answer your conscience gives under the guidance of the Spirit, and move forward in freedom no matter if it is a “yes” or “no”. Oh and my story: I tried a weed pen when camping and went straight to sleep. Was very well rested when I woke up. No qualms about maybe trying it again.

What Do You Think About Cannabis?