on 11.05.2020

I had a typical evangelical family, brought up Southern Baptist, and dad was a deacon, mom taught a ladies class, and about the age of 12 we had a revival and a lot went forward to get saved. I didn’t. Next Sunday I did, since my parents told me what it all was about. Since then, I’ve been saved 10 times, because I kept falling into sin and felt I couldn’t be doing all this, and be a Christian too. Anyway 50+ years later, I’m “high”, and my soul opened up, and for the first time in my life, I actually felt how real God is, and it opened a new sphere of reality I never knew existed. I finally could see and feel different. My family has cast me aside, and my previous churches are probably still praying for me. I grow my own, so I know that would offend them, and my siblings still love me, but now I’m a second class family member. Anyway, as an old Christian I lived a life of guilt, now I feel closer to God than I ever have, and my relationship to others is more empathetic.
Not sure of my salvation, but I know there is GOD. I know HE created me. Cannabis has opened up a new relationship and my thoughts are more focused. I can see the real wretched side of me.
Please pray for me.

What Do You Think About Cannabis?