on 08.11.2022

I have been dealing with Chronic Lyme and co-infections since 2012…was bedridden for about 3 years with neurological issues/horrible pain/constant nausea/POTS/ramped-up bipolar/Lyme rages…my mind and body were on fire and my walk with Jesus grew cold. Having been addicted to pain meds after surgery and shingles in the past…and knowing I could not/would not dare put myself in a place where I would eventually have worse symptoms from the poisons in the opiates. I started searching for alternatives…found a Lyme group that suggested cannabis. I was a “hippie” back in the 70s…and once I grew out of it…had not touched cannabis for 40 years…BUT…was willing to give it a try to stop the hurt. I knew a man down the road and called …he brought a “joint”…and after a couple of puffs…I actually felt comfortable in my body for the first time in a couple of years. That was 7 years ago…cannabis has helped my body heal…and helped in getting me back on the right road with my Best Friend Jesus. The joy of a closer walk than I’ve ever experienced…and the ability to read and understand His word …I know it has to have been part of the Holy Anointing oil and incense used in His sanctuary. Kana Bosom is cannabis…not calamus. Blessings and wellness to my Christian family.

What Do You Think About Cannabis?