Guy in NC
on 05.03.2019

Marijuana is medicine straight from God's Earth

I say that as a person who has had both negative and positive experiences with it- As a Christian. It is a 100 percent viable option for people who are trying to escape the side effects of prescription pills for a variety of ailments and issues. That alone should make Christian people pause and think... What is more harmful to the temple (the body)? Some of these prescription drugs are just awful for you! Depending on the method of consumption, marijuana can be completely safe and effective to treat pain, anxiety, depression and a ton of other problems... Obviously without moderation it can be a tool of intoxication. That is directly addressed in scripture as being a thing to avoid. But if you're using anti-depressants/anti-anxiety medications- Those can also intoxicate your brain and alter your perceptions. It is all in the perspective of how you see this plant. If you see it as "the devil's weed" you must also see the entire pharmaceutical industry as being Satanic as well. If you see it as medicine to be respected and used responsibly, you are seeing it as it genuinely is. CBD has been a total game changer for me in dealing with anxiety and insomnia. THC always used to make me feel paranoid and panicky back in the day where there were no ways to get specific strains created to help different problems.
Personally, I believe God created different plants to help us out of compassion and mercy. The majority of our medicines throughout history came from the earth and plants. There is no reason to see weed as anything other than another medicine from the earth. But consider the possibility that big pharma might have a vested interest in continuing to keep people in the dark about it, and demonize the plant in the eyes of potential customers who would consume multitudes of pills that weed could replace entirely!

What Do You Think About Cannabis?