Izzy Movin?
on 10.09.2020

In Oct

1970 I was a passenger in an MGB convertible sports car that over turned. The driver side door frame smashed my head between the car and pavement. The whole top of my head but cracked and sideways, and knocked one eyeball out of the socket. I was in the Air Force and was taken to Wilford Hall hospital in San Antonio. I was unconscious for 42 days (they say) and when I woke I had no idea who or where I was.. Took a year to learn what my name was. But I recovered. I was cross eyed for six years, and then it straightened out. Only injury left is the screaming tinnitus in my head. Doctor said be glad I can hear it. 'Guess I am.

I was smoking cannabis when the wreck occurred, (and was stoned) and smoked after I woke up. I believe it saved my life and helped me recover. When my job instituted 'drug tests' I stopped smoking and waited till I retired. Been retired 10 years now, (after working 40 years and am a happy happy boy! A happy happy boy!

What Do You Think About Cannabis?