on 07.02.2022

I have been smoking cannabis for a few years. I started using it as a coping mechanism for a while, which wasn’t good. But in recent years I have developed a much healthier relationship with it, smoking a few times a month (not more than weekly). I am a really anxious person, and have always found that smoking weed has helped me to release unhelpful thoughts, process things in my life, dream about my future, and ponder philosophical and spiritual topics. For the last two years, I have also been exploring God and forming a relationship with Him, praying.

Last night, I got high again. I was thinking about spiritual and philosophical topics, and I had what I think was a Religious Experience. I felt as though I was being shown the reality of the Angels in Heaven, and Demons below; I felt as though I was being told about the reality of God’s connection to us on earth, and that I was revealed Truths about human existence. It was incredibly powerful, certainly the most powerful spiritual experience I have had thus far on marijuana. I read the bible, and felt like I was understanding it’s Truths in an entirely new light. It was amazing. It felt like I was absolutely connected to the Good above.

I want to share this experience with my long-term partner, who was really the one that introduced me to God and started helping me to explore religious ideas.

But my partner doesn’t really like marijuana – for him, weed was a gateway drug that caused years of addiction. He was drawn away from God during that time, but by God’s grace has been sober for four years now. His sobriety began after he experienced a really powerful religious experience.

I am scared to share with him that I experienced this relgious experience whilst on marijuana. He has talked about how he believes that people who take Meth can encounter Demons; I am scared that he’ll think that my experience was Bad, or wrong; not toward God, but away from Him. I don’t know what to do, or really how to think or talk about it.

It felt pure and good and light.

What Do You Think About Cannabis?