on 06.13.2019

Cannabis as well as Psilocybin Mushrooms has led me to a deeper understanding of myself and my spirituality. It has truely opened my eyes to the REAL… instead of being told what to think and being ashamed as a human for things that are natural that the church opposed. I came to think that it was because the church would lose its power if everyone could get years of spiritual nourishment in a single experience with a medicinal, spiritual, and connected plant medicine. I believe that God intended for us to use all the plants on this earth… regardless of religious dogma that was remember… created by MAN and also man’s opinnions several hundred years ago with the lack of scientific or scholarly documentation that we have now. To believe blindly and be ashamed for something your creator intended you to experience is disheartening and I believe change is coming. More people will wake up to this… eventually… and they will come to see that all plants, and all substances in existence are here for a reason… they all glorify God… just being alive glorifies God. Life is impossible to recreate and its also impossible to prove you are alive… so as I say… just being alive is a miracle and glorifies God…

I know its hard for conservative Christians to change a mind that has been reinforced with propaganda for life… but the truth is the truth and it needs no explanation. The cannabis plant like all plants are divine. And us as humans judging a creation of God for the good or bad is also subjective.

I am in full support of and would love to see this message spread all over the world. Its time to wake up people… its time to change. Amen.

What Do You Think About Cannabis?