on 07.01.2019

I’ve been a cannabis user for many years now and Jesus is also my Lord and savior. First I just want to say I love this. I love that someone is starting the conversation. A year ago I was journaling while using and a thought came to I the only Christian that uses cannabis and feels closer to God when I’m in that head space. I did some research and couldn’t really find anything. I came across the bad Christian pod cast a year ago and just yesterday I listened to the episode Craig was in talking about Christian Cannabis. I thought, yes! someone else feel the same way I do, I’m not crazy for these thoughts and I’m not alone. My own personal journey with Cannabis has helped me with my anxiety along with issues I have been having with my neck and shoulder. When I work out after using Cannabis I feel like my work outs are better and I push myself more then I would if I wasn’t using Cannabis. I want to learn more about the medical side of Cannabis. It has always peaked my interest and am taking steps in my own life to learn more about it. I don’t use it all the time and I’ve taken breaks for a couple months at a time. But I 100% support it and love that someone is staring this conversation.

What Do You Think About Cannabis?