Melina Carl
on 06.01.2019

I grew up in the church and was conditioned to believe cannibas consumption in any form was evil and made you a bad person. While I eventually became okay with other people using weed I had a hard time even considering using it personally. It wasn’t until my husband pointed out that I had extreme underlying anxiety which caused me to never chill out that the thought of applying cannibas to my life even crossed my mind. To be fair, I didn’t believe my anxiety was as bad as it really was until my husband convinced me to try just a little CBD. Conditioning being so strong I was still convinced it wouldn’t help me. Now, almost a year later I use CBD to control my anxiety and chill out in the evening. My opinion has completely changed and I believe CBD is a much healthier option which everyone should consider. I vape it, eat it in hard candies and have used tinctures in drinks. It was a trial and error process to figure out how much works to slow my brain and how much turns me into a zombie. As an athlete I now believe it has amazing benefits to people who train. I have done a lot of research on the benefits have come to the conclusion that they outweigh the potential issues. I sleep better (more soundly for longer and I wake up less), I can actually relax without worrying about life and it takes away muscle pain. When I voted to make it legal in the state of Nevada I had no idea what I was voting in but I would encourage anyone in a state where it is legal to go to a dispensary and ask questions. They are extremely knowledgeable and for us people who need questions answered they have them all.

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