on 07.24.2019

Totally against "hard drugs"

The gig is up, we finally know the truth about this plant. I admit I was lazy to know to the the card index file at the library way back in the day (for me).
About 5 years ago, God began ripped down some additional curtains in my heart when I re-visited pot after a 23 year break. #1, I could see clearly now & was not loving in a more Christlike manner in the way I act and speak.....it's all about "the giving". The gospel of the Jesus and what He did is never more clear. So happy, happy, happy for now it is 39 U.S. states plus D.C.! Little pharma (soon to be "Big pharma", the DuPont's and more) saw the threat in the 1920's and felt they had to do something, thus the later, the 1937 prohibition on pot. More importantly it was all based on lies about the plant AND was all debunked but Congress had to do something!!! Bummer, now look at the horrible opiate problem we have, heroin and meth......Terrible life ruining crap. PLUS the paper industry, oh my; you can make paper towels and toilet paper from this "good" and helpful plant that I call, God's flower.Thanks for this conversation here!!! Yes! Yea God. Yes Jesus you are the focus as always and forever amen! Thank you for your love and your creation.

What Do You Think About Cannabis?