on 05.16.2019

When 1st seeing CC, I was shocked. As are 99% of Christians due to our conditioning. BUT Stop, educate yourself before passing judgement on something you honestly know nothing about. I thought I was right, until I read more and learned more and then I realized my “christian prejudice” towards cannabis was unfounded based on hand me down “you will go to hell” conditioning.
Lets face it life has changed in the last 50 years and changed ALOT, not always for the better. Most of the population is on Prozac (or should be) and this was the anti christ when it came out and now is used by most in the church (granted most secretly still) and these are chemical compounds, non natural and habit forming.
How enter Cannabis, it can achieve the same, naturally without dependency and long 3 weeks periods before its effective, no side effects and not habit forming. Is this not the wiser choice to manager depression etc?
I would not say go out and smoke it up personally BUT would say explore the CBD products etc (for me THC debate still not concluded personally)
FACT is we are over stimulated and have to run and rates speeds and brain loads like never before. We can no longer clutch out and this makes worship hard. My ADD mind does not slow, worship is mostly trying to calm it to focus and then worship is over and one feels like you missed out.
NOW what if i could calm my mind and have a pause to be more present and focused. How amazing would connection time with God be in worship and how much more could He speak to me?
SO is using Cannabis products to connect with God in worship wrong? surely not connecting with God is worse?
We all get upset when the person we are speaking to is distracted and not giving us their attention, how must God feel. Now back to you is this person were to take meds (Ritalin etc) they are focused and present and we are ok with this. So why not Cannabis in worship for the same.
The CC debate and discussion is useful and needed the more we dig and learn the more we realise its making a mountain out of a mole hill really.
So to those reading offended, don’t be, take time, learn and know exactly why you believe what you believe on this topic and why.
For me its been an interesting ride learning and its ongoing.

What Do You Think About Cannabis?