on 04.25.2019

I am a former pastor, writer and current believer

Cannabis has saved me from the many negative, life altering and addiction issues that come from pharmaceutical drugs prescribed to me. I’ve been using cannabis regularly as medicine for 5 years. Socially before way before that. I still practice my faith more regularly and with more conviction because of cannabis. I am a better father. In a great career field in management. Going back to writing because cannabis has helped my creativity and clinical anxiety. And after all these years cannabis is the only thing I’ve never had an addiction to, never had a control issue. And if I didn’t tell you I used it, You’d never know. And that goes for much of the Church. You are breaking ground but most of us know many are healing themselves with cannabis in secret because of the church. Thank you for advocating. It boggles my mind that That Christians are okay with use of prescription pills more than they are with a God made plant that has very little side effects and very little addiction qualities

What Do You Think About Cannabis?