on 09.30.2019

It’s been the best antidepressant I’ve ever used. I’m a 49 year old, devout, weekly-attending church goer who gratefully uses a nightly micro-dose of my legally prescribed/attained (though expensive) medical Cannabis. Due to a fear of rejection/judgment, I tell very few fellow Christians since I’m a high-functioning leader/pillar in my conservative community – a church elder’s grown child, parent of three teens, married 20 years. My spouse is amazed at my level of true joy, relaxation & happiness from the immediate onset of my first daily dose 90 days ago. For a long time I was on three (3) 1 mg tablets of Xanax per day, bupropion, Prozac, hydroxyzine, and buspirone hcl all for suicidal depression and debilitating anxiety. Those drugs made me worse. PTL, I’ve not had a single dose of any of these five (5) horrible pills since switching over to Cannabis at the suggestion of two of my empathetic physicians. It relaxes me powerfully at night like a Valium but with absolutely zero risk of overdose, withdrawal nor side effects. Anyone who’s suffering from untreatable depression & stress disorder should try it for one week. My first time dosage experience truly startled me with how instantly affective and very potent are the deeply-regulated grades for PTSD sold by legal dispensaries. After many months of having absolutely no desire for my spouse of 20 years, I’m now constantly making passionate love with my spouse. Our sex life is better now than ever, all thanks to the Lord leading me to get my medical Cannabis. It’s a natural antidepressant, Valium & viagra. I think it’s a great gift from God which He offers us on the condition we don’t overuse it …a low daily dosage before bed — just like His instruction on moderation with alcohol.

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