Will & Katherine
on 06.13.2019

God used cannabis to save my marriage. Both my wife and I suffer from depression and PTSD due to varying causes.

I myself have Melancholic Depression which is characterized by long unbroken periods of some of the darkest depression imaginable.

Both of us come from strong fundamentalist Pentecostal/Baptist backgrounds.

We had reached the end of our marriage…both of us had enough and we went outside to get away from everyone and look for divorce lawyers.

When the cannabis kicked in I heard a voice that said,”Stop trying to win the argument and start trying to win your marriage.”

It allowed us to discuss some very emotional and triggering topics in a way that wasnt in anger or fear.

When that mental and emotional weight lifted off of our shoulders it was like a veil had lifted and we could breathe.

We began to recount all the ways that God had provided for us and had blessed us. All the steps He had ordered that was impossible to be just a simple coincidence.

That smoke session became a prayer meeting where God seemed to step into our midst in such an amazing way and we began to weep and cry out to God to save our marriage.

At times it seemed that we were just in the passenger seat while God drove the conversation where it needed to go.

There were 6 days of creation and at the end of each day, God saw what He had created and declared it to be good.

If God created cannabis and declared it to be good, I do not have the moral authority to declare what He calls good to be evil especially in light of experience and how it has helped us.

What Do You Think About Cannabis?