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We are too afraid of the unknown

What if Christians were to begin understanding how something like cannabis could be used in beneficial ways to support their lives?

What if we were to entertain the idea that legality is not the equivalent of licentiousness, and neither must we demonize and condemn every single thing that we don’t quite understand? 

What if – rather than trading our feelings for platitudes and “should-bes” – we were to begin to better understand them? 

What if cannabis proved to enhance mental clarity, diminish anxiety, and lend itself toward physical healing and integrative wellness?

What if cannabis proved to dissolve the self constantly getting in the way, enabling one to better prioritize others and the qualities and relationships that make for a full and vibrant life?

That has been, in part, my experience… all from a plant. 

Which brings us back to the present.


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Im so glad I found this page. I always thought I was in sin . I find it (cannabis) helps me focus and understand a lot more.  Thank you.

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I’ve been smoking cannabis since I was 15. I served 16 years in prison; had it not been for cannabis; I doubt I would have had the fortitude to make it out. I smoke everyday and have a medical marijuana…

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I grew up being told cannabis was a) evil, and b) would turn you into some kind of unmotivated loser who sits in their mom’s basement and plays video games all day. I tried it a few times in college,…

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Born again in 2015, Love Jesus, baptized in water and Holy Spirit baptism, smoke weed, do not take pills, the easier softer way for me. Eat fruits and vegetables, love life, hate being judged by “Christians” that pop pills like…

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I have been in recovery for 12 years. Im a born again spirit filled believer in Jesus Christ. After years of pain and fatigue associated with fibromyalgia, and refusing to take pain pills, I started researching cbd and marijuana. I…

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